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Last Fall we went to Disneyworld. ?It’;s my favorite Fall vacation, great weather in South Florida, lighter crowds and the Epcot Food and Wine Festival. ? We’;ve been a few times (one of the benefits of being within driving distance) and I don’;t think I’;d ever go in the summer againaccent pillow case baby, after seeing how nice it is in the Fall.

Some friends were going down there at the same time and I heard they were going to the Princess Breakfast at Epcot, soooo I finagled my way into tagging along. ?My girls are 16 and 10 and I knew we didn’;t have too many more years left that I could drag them to a princess breakfast at Disneyworld. So the girls hit the Princess breakfast while the guys rode Soarin’; and Test Track a few times.

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I’;ll admit, I’;m slightly neurotic about some things, and usually have more “;ideas”; than “;time”; ?—; I decided 2 days before we left that my daughter needed a “;princess”; outfit for the breakfast- ?I knew she thought she was too “;old”; for a full princess dress, so instead I settled on a skirt and matching top (shirt was from Children’;s Place).

My dream fabric was some Castle Peeps by Lizzy House, but it was not to be found at my local quilt shop.

I did however find this great Michael Miller print. ?I picked up some coordinating pink fabric and used one of my skirt tutorials –; ?then finished off the bottom with jumbo rick rack.

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My husband and I have gotten to that point in our lives where we buy everything we want.? This makes gift giving nearly impossible.? This year, I sewed him a love note. Start with a piece of whitish fabric slightly more than 2 sheets of notebook paper (allowing for the seams).? I found mine in the remnant bin at the fabric store. Mark the borders and the vertical red line for each sheet.? Sew a double red line down each piece of paper and "equally spaced" blue lines across both sheets.? I embrace the fact that it is homemade, so I didn't want it to be perfect.? With pencil, write your message. Using the color of your choice, sew your message on the write side of the fabric.? I found that using an embroidery hoop made it so much easier. Fold the fabric in half, right sides together and sew up the edges, leaving a 1-2 inch gap to turn it right-side-out.? At this point I'd recommend using a thread color similar to your fabric. Pass the fabric through this hole. Sew around the border of the whole sheet being sure to tuck in the part you left unsewn to turn it right-side-out.? Play around with stitch lengths to get the look you want.? I used a longer stitch for the red, and a really short stitch for the blue.? I really think it would be fun to make an envelope, but I was so excited to give it to my husband, I gave it to him in a paper envelope.

If you ask us, artificial flora and greenery have always had a bad rap. For many people, fake plants instantly conjure old, dusty rooms in grandma’s house. Others operate under the rule of thought that they’re just plain t-a-c-k-y.