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Your Coyuchi napkins, placemats and runners were guests at every holiday event you held. Get them ready for your next celebration, whenever that may be, with these simple guidelines—all tested and approved by our own organic-fiber experts.

Treat for stains. Check your linens before laundering and use a stain remover if needed.

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Wash in cold water.We recommend cold-water washing for all our washable items—hot water can weaken natural fibersaccent pillow case baby, fade a fabric's colors and contribute to shrinkage. Modern detergents really do clean just as well in cold water, too, especially when paired with a newer-model washing machine. What's more, washing a laundry load in cold water uses far less energy—up to 75 percent less—than doing the same load in hot water.

Use non-phosphate laundry soap and organic peroxide bleach.GOTS certification—the global organic textile standard—prohibits chlorine bleach in textile processing, so we follow through by using hydrogen peroxide at home, for our whites. Not only are non-chlorine bleaches better for the environment, they're better for fabrics—chlorine can turn cottons yellow and weaken the fibers.

Skip the fabric softener and dryer sheets.Both bring unnecessary chemicals to the laundering process and reduce the absorbency of fabrics. Your towels won't dry as well, and sheets and clothes won't breathe as well.

Air dry your linens whenever you can.It brings the outside in and saves energy, too.

If you have to machine dry, use a low temperature setting.It's better for fabrics.

Bonus for the planet:Do laundry at night, when energy demand (and costs) are lower.

Maybe you just brought home your first sewing machine, received one as a gift, or plan to purchase one very soon! If you’re ready to embark on your first sewing journey, there are a few tools you’re going to need along the way. These are the most basic sewing tools for beginners, the tools you can’t live without. As you learn more about sewing, you’ll discover other tools to help with specific techniques and tasks to add to your sewing kit.

Is there anything more inviting than comfortable furniture on an inviting porch? Whether it’s a front porch that welcomes visitors or a back porch that’s private and perfect for entertaining, we love the way a porch functions as an additional living room during the summer months. That’s why it’s important to make the most of the outdoor seating and dining space you have, and the biggest thing is furniture arrangement. You can up your porch game with furniture layout in a way that functions for your needs. Here are 15 ideas for coming up with a perfect design for your porch furniture.

1. Remove everything & start fresh. It’s amazing what you find when you start by removing it all – even if by one section at a time. I discovered that I no longer wanted/needed a lot of what was in my closet. Clothes that no longer fit my body or style, things that don’t belong there {like baby dolls!} I love Apartment Therapy’s tip to see what you’re really wearing…flip your hangers around & after a month remove anything with areversed hanger.