accent pillow case baby DecoArt ~ Washer Lined Painted Tray custom anniversary gifts

2020-01-17 08:37:34 custom design gift for wedding

DecoArt asked if I’;d like to do a project for their catalog.? My first thought was…;…;..have they seen my projects?? But they said they loved the idea of my Penny Tray I did with Envirotex.? So…;..that’;s what I did. I love trays!? I’;ve been wanting a tray for my bathroom to match my bedding.

I needed something flat and silver to line the bottom of my tray, but I was too cheap to use nickles or dimes. Washers! Washers would be perfect! Using one of their blueish paints that matched my duvet coveraccent pillow case baby, I was on my way!

personalized pillow cases

It looks perfect in my bathroom! This project was simple…;…;.like I like it. The only thing that takes time is the EnviroTex.? It takes a couple of days to harden.

Items Needed

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