accent pillow case baby Finding Non-Toxic Cribs for Your Organic Crib Mattress accent pillow case baby

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Getting an organic crib mattress is easy – just call up Naturepedic and it will be at your doorstep before you can say “where’s my stuff?” But getting a non-toxic crib is another matter. What is a parent to do?

A recent discussion on Debra Lynn Dadd’s (aka the Queen of Green) Green Living Q &; A blog highlights the problems involved in finding a truly non-toxic crib. One reader even said they bought a crib that was allegedly non-toxic only to find out later that the glue used to hold it together contained three times the amount of formaldehyde recommended as safe. Boy, you just can’t leave any stone unturned!

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What are the parameters to keep in mind?

–; The crib should be made of solid wood – not particle board, a laminate or veneer. And not PVC or some other form of plastic.

–; The glue used to hold the crib together should be non-toxic.

–; Ideally, the crib should either be unfinished –; which includes clear, colorless finishesaccent pillow case baby, unless you know they are non-toxic – or, if painted, ensure the paint used doesn’t contain toxic solvents, dyes and so on.

For more info on specific brands others have found (and/or eliminated), check out Non Toxic Baby Cribs – the aforementioned discussion on Debra Lynn Dadd’s website.

Truthfully, it can take some research to find what you’re looking for. They’re also not the least expensive cribs on the market, so don’t expect to find one for $59.99. It will be a little more –; consider getting one that converts to a toddler bed so you’ll have years of use and get more out of your investment.

Whichever crib you choose, it’s worth the time, effort and expense to get something that’;s non-toxic because you know your baby will be safe.

Organic cotton crib mattress from Naturepedic, non-toxic crib and toddler bed (check out our mattresses that convert to toddler as well), organic cotton sheets and other bedding – all you need is some nice non-toxic paint for the walls and some cotton throw rugs and you’ve got yourself a very nice, very safe, welcome home nursery for your baby.

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