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You sit down at your sewing machine, ready to start a new project. Fabric? Check. Thread? Check. Correct presser foot? Check. New needle? Umm…; I know they’;re here somewhere…; Here they are! No, those are Jeans needles, and I need Ballpoint. Maybe I can just use this one…; Eek! Nope?– it’;s definitely too big for this t-shirt knit. Argh! Where did I put them!! And suddenly your relaxing afternoon of sewing turns into a frustrating search for a tiny package of needles.

That doesn’;t happen to me (much) any more. I keep all my needles in a big plastic box. I’;ve even labeled the sections!

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I keep it on a shelf with my thread casesaccent pillow case baby, but if I wanted, I could hang it on the wall using the tab at the top.

When I have a needle that’;s “;used,”; but not enough to discard, I pin it to a little piece of the project?fabric and put it in with the new needles. That way I don’;t forget what type it is, and have it handy for the next time I need that sort of needle.

Jeans, Ballpoint, Twin,…; so many kinds of needles! And what does “;Microtex”; mean, anyway? To learn more about different types of needles and their uses, check out these useful links:

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Bachmann Needle Chart –; Your Needle Compass

Did you know that many stitch problems can be cured just by using the right needle? Who knew such a tiny thing could create such big trouble? Here’;s a great table of common symptoms and solutions.

Sewing Needle Trouble-Shooting Guide

How do YOU store your new and used needles?

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Hi, Friends! ?I don’t know about where you live, but here in Pennsylvania – “Baby it’s Cold Outside”! And, what’s better on a cold winter day than a warm and cozy blanket or throw to snuggle under? ? I’ve been seeing those amazing chunky knit throws and blankets on Pinterest and Instagram, but have you seen the price tags? ?WOW – hundreds of dollars for one of these blankets is way too steep for me! ?But, I really wanted one for my own home, so I decided I was going to figure out how to make a chunky knit blanket.