accent pillow case baby Folklore Bolster Pillow with Renaissance Ribbons customized rustic pillow covers

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Wild Child! That's the name of the folk art inspired collection on which these exuberant Jane Sassaman ribbons are based. This is Jane's first collection with Renaissance Ribbons and it's a perfect fit. Intricate detail is a hallmark of all the Renaissance woven ribbons, and it's crucial to achieve the depth of color and design in this rich collection. Jane describes it as being, "Infused with 'Flower Power'." The folklore feeling immediately came through for us, and we were inspired to combine the bright ribbons with a festive red denim highlighted with white piping and white tufted buttons on each end. The finished bolster reminds us of a cozy Scandinavian sweater, and makes us want to curl up on the couch with a cup of hot cocoa. It's a great style for the holidays, but because the ribbon designs don't contain any specific Christmas motifsaccent pillow case baby, you could keep it on display throughout the winter season... or until the cocoa runs out.

Our thanks to Renaissance Ribbons for sponsoring this and many of our most popular projects here at Sew4Home. Several new collections are debuted this past week at Quilt Market, and we're excited to start working with them to bring you even more faves!?

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As you plan for your holiday sewing, check out the complete Jane Sassaman collection. Her ?" Night Life insect motif ribbons are reversible! We used the Yellow &; Blue ribbon on today's pillow, featuring the yellow side. It's also available in reversible Blue &; White and Blue &; Red. You'll also want to browse through the entire Renaissance Ribbons Holiday Ribbons category.

As with many of our projects using the beautiful and colorful Renaissance Ribbons, we chose?invisible threadfor all our ribbon stitching. This is not mandatory, but is a nicer look against the ribbon. For best results, you may need to loosen your upper tension slightly. It's also a good idea to lengthen your stitch and sew at a slow and even pace. This type of thread does not stretch as well as regular thread and can break more easily under pressure, especially if it accidentally slides off the spool and wraps around the spool pin. Using a spool cap against the spool helps hold it in place on the pin, and again, going slowly and evenly helps the thread feed correctly off the spool. Finally, always sew in the same direction along both sides of the ribbon. This will help prevent any shifting and puckering. If you'd prefer not to use invisible thread, we won't get mad. But, we will suggest you choose colors that very closely match your ribbon, and that you take the time to re-thread as often as needed to maintain a perfect match.?

You'll also notice we use pins to hold our ribbons in place. Another option would be to apply a little basting glue or strips of lightweight fusible web, such as Dritz? Stitch Witchery, to the wrong side of the ribbon. Read and follow the manufacturer’s instructions and test to make sure the ribbon can be easily stitched without the adhesive gumming up the needle.?Some adhesives are not meant to be sewn through

Our thanks also to Amy Barickman and her incredible Indygo Junction team for providing the fabric for this project. We used a great bright red from her Crossroads Denim collection. The color selection in these soft denims is exquisite.

The pretty faux fur throw the bolster is sitting on in the photo above is also a S4H project. Click here to go the tutorial.?

The bolster finishes at approximately 6" in diameter x 20" in length x 19" in circumference.

Cuts given below are for the specific ribbons we chose, and we will refer to them by name throughout the instructions. Refer to the key above or use the links above to click through to Renaissance Ribbons.?If you choose ribbons of different widths, your final look may vary.?


Project Design: Alicia Thommas ? ? ? Sample Creation and Instructional Outline: Debbie Guild

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