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We will be taking a look and giving some advice on creating stunning nurseries for your baby or toddler. Being or becoming a parent is a wonderful time in life and yet it can be a very busy period of preparation and taking new responsibilities.

One of those responsibilities is designing a nursery that will be ideal for your newborn and through their first few years as a toddler. It is important that your choices will give optimum comfort for your child and never sacrifice comfort and functionality for visual pleasure. Fortunately, we know how to combine all the elements of a nursery that will help in giving the best possible start to their life and look beautiful!

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Drop-side cots are the best for mothers as they do not have to strain so much when bending to reach baby. Cot beds are a good idea for babies and later toddlers and small children - but if you are on a budget it might be more affordable to buy a normal cot and a single bed later on. Be sure that the cot you have your eyes on is safe and secure for baby too - no flaking paintsaccent pillow case baby, splintered wood and check that side rails are a maximum of three inches apart.

Most parents will seek out a nursery set that includes cot, changing table and wardrobe/drawers in a united style. This is in fact the best idea and makes life easier. A set of drawers can even be used as a changing surface if it comes up to a reasonable height - about level with the elbows. This will free up space in smaller rooms and the storage will always be needed.

Shelving, drawers and other storage options should be bought with the toddler in mind - make sure they can not climb and knock them over. Another necessary piece of furniture is a comfortable chair for the feeding mother - choose one a supportive back and add cushions and throws for extra comfort.

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