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Choosing a design style that reflects personal taste starts with colour and how you live your life. Kids, entertaining, love of cooking, arts and crafts, all play a role in what your home represents. Many people feel that they must either fall into contemporaryaccent pillow case baby, modern or country for designs but the world has expanded design styles into many more categories. Here are just a few to get you thinking about interior design styles for your home.

Southwest Design: Spanish and Native American have had a large influence in design with homes turning to aged reds and yellows. Simulating adobe stucco structures found in the South-west portions of the US and Mexico, the look is warm and natural.Clay and tile are a big part of the materials used while wooden blinds and stone bring in the outdoors.

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Asian Design: Serenity, peace and order are conclusive of the natural feel created by Asian culture. Off white, stone, and parchment form a base that is accented with ebony (black), gold, sapphire and emerald in soft furnishings, window dressings and duvet cover sets. Floors of wood, cork or bamboo replace dense carpeting. Different Asian countries influence their own contemporary architectural style but a minimalist approach is evident in all.

Tropical Interior Design: Living in a paradise of exotic islands often follow one home from a trip to the Caribbean. Creating your own tropical scheme into décor is becoming quite popular by mimicking warm soft breezes surrounded by scenes of the islands. Sandy beige or citrus hues used on walls and bedding sets, with teak and bamboo furnishings bring a West Indies atmosphere. Soft Ocean colours of blue and green for accent plus palm trees and colourful orchids can give one a paradise at home.

Tuscan Design: Sunny fields, fresh flowers and old world charm represent the natural elements of Tuscan design. Italy and the Mediterranean share the magic of the area with olive green, golden crème and wine hues for a backdrop of colour. Natural stone and old wrought-iron metal detailing with wood beams and lots of tapestry round out the feel. Nature and days of yesteryear play simultaneously with this design. There are many other styles emerging as we learn more about different cultures and ways of life around the world. Classical, rustic, Mission style, Gothic and many more let you select your perfect setting. Some styles can even be mixed to bring about a whole new you where everything loved surrounds the perfect home.

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