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Welcome back, my Cutting Edge Stencils friends! Our Halloween Stencil Collection featuring 20 spooktacular stencils are perfect for adding frightful flair on a budget.? Get get your house ready for Halloween with our kid-friendly Halloween projects that are super easy to make. These fang-tastic Halloween crafts for kids are both fun and affordable.? Come check them out…;

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DIY Halloween Trick or Treat Tote

We’;d like to welcome back Kimbo, the amazing DIYer behind the blog A Girl and A Glue Gun! Kimbo had previously stenciled some accent pillows using our Paint-A-Pillow kit.? The great thing about our stencil and pillow kits are that they are reusable.? So Kimbo was super excited when we announced our new Halloween Stencil collection.? She snatched up a Skull #1 and a canvas tote to create the perfect trick-or-treat bag.? Kimbo reused her Paint-A-Pillow frame to hold the tote and stencil in place as she painted the item.? She painted the eerie pattern in a limey green using a dense foam roller and then added black accents using a stencil brush.? Once the canvas tote was stenciled, Kimbo used a hot glue gun to add orange pom poms. Creating an awesome trick-or-treat tote was as simple as that!

Stenciled Captain America Pumpkin

Next we’;d like you to meet Jenniferaccent pillow case baby, the faux painter, creative blogger and loving mama behind The Magic Brush.? Jennifer loves painting pumpkins and her son loves super heroes.? When he asked for a super hero themed pumpkin, Jennifer knew exactly what to do!? She had our 3pc Polka Dot Stencil Kit from a previous project.? She used this as a guide to make the Captain America symbol.? First she painted the pumpkin white and then used each polka dot to create the next layer in the circular symbol.? Jennifer painted the red, white, and blue pattern using a stencil brush.? She said, “;This is a super fun pumpkin for the super hero lover in your life.”;? It looks awesome!

Tell us, Do you plan on crafting DIY stenciled Halloween decor? We’;d love to read your thoughts in the comments below.

Can’t get enough stencil fun?

Thanks for reading, and happy stenciling!Michelle and the Cutting Edge Stencils Crew

We had a couple of amazing projects entered to our April Challenge. YOU all our followers inspire us so much!?We love to see those gorgeous entries to our challenges from ALL around the globe. That is one of our biggest goals?with our challenges is to?reach crafters all over the world. ?

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