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Light up your with GardenTorches

Setting the mood for any outdoor event, a tiki torch is a great way to make backyard barbecues, outdoor weddings or just casual drinks in the yard feel summery and festive.Garden torchesare fairly simple to use, and though there are a number of different styles available including solar powered and gaslight torches, the most popular variety are fuel or oil torches made of bamboo that act as temporary and reusable decorations. LightyourGarden Torches. Use a match or lighter to ignite the wick of your tiki torches when you're ready to use them. Avoid lighting them long before your event to keep from wasting fuel. Use a snuffer cap to extinguish your torches. Withthe start to summer and backyard entertaining, it's time to pull out the barbecueaccent pillow case baby, beach balls and torches. Tikitorches lightup the night, and with BiteFighter torch fuel, they are a helpful way to help repel mosquitos during outdoor parties,

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But like anything else involving fire, a little planning before, and precautions during use, can go a long way toward ensuring safety and sensibility.

How much far should I place torches?

Use torches to light the patios, walkways, and decks where you'll be entertaining. Evenly space them out, leaving about 6 to 8 feet in between each one. This allows people to move around them without the danger of catching themselves on fire.

Best way torefillmy torch?

Pour the appropriate torch fuel into the torch receptacle over the wick directly from the bottle. Take special care not to get fuel on any other part of the torch or your skin or clothes. Tiki torch funnels or bulbs are sold at home goods stores and can help you fill the tiki torch easily with no mess. Be sure to immediately recap thefuel bottleto prevent spills. Foraccidental spills on the patio or in the garage, soak up the excess fuel with kitty litter, and then use a commercial cleaner that cuts grease and oil to clean up the rest of the spill. Dry out the affected area by opening doors and windows, depending on the location. Always pour thetorch fueldirectly into the torch from the bottle. Never transfer the fuel into a secondary vessel or container.

How do I clean oil spills on concrete or wood?

First, soak up excess oil with oil dry or kitty litter. Then use a commercial cleaner to clean the rest of the oil. After dealing with a spill, fresh air will help dry out the affected area.

How do I extinguish a torch?

A snuffer cap has been provided for this purpose. Carefully place the snuffer cap completely over the wick and leave in place until the flame is entirely suffocated. When the flame is extinguished, remove the snuffer cap to allow the wick to completely cool. Replace the snuffer cap to protect the wick from the elements once the wick is cool. Leaveit in place until the flame goes out, and then remove it to allow the wick to cool completely. Replace the snuffer cap to protect the wick from the elements, once it is cool.

How do I store the oil and torches?

Make sure you're careful when cleaning up and storing your torches for later use. You can leave the fuel inside of the torches, but store them upright and secured so that they do not tip over. Place them in a cool storage place, away from the possibility of any flame. And if you plan to store them outside or in a non-insulated shed, do so only if you live in a climate where the unused fuel won't freeze. Oilcan remain in the torches when not in use. Store torches in a secure,uprightposition so torches do not tip. Keep torches out of the reach of children and pets. Torches and torch fuel can be stored outside, but fuel should be protected from freezing.

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