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2020-01-19 18:45:13 custom design gift for wedding

If you’;ve been following TCB on Facebook for awhile, then you may recall how much I despise carving pumpkins.

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Every year when the time comes, I have plans to carve a masterpiece only to end up with the traditional triangle eyes, nose and one tooth mouth…;…; know the oneaccent pillow case baby, the one we were taught when we were kids. ?An event that should be a fun family event has caused?me to want to throw myself on the floor and throw a fit like a toddler. I’;ve finally learned the past 3 years, to draw the design and let my husband carve it. This saves everyone, including myself. I’;ve learned to use decorative vinyl to decorate pumpkins. ?Here are 3 other non carving ways to decorate.??Or make a pumpkin topiary and call it good.

When Michael’;s emailed me and asked if I’;d like to be a part of their Great Pumpkin Event, I about spit my coffee out, but decided that the fake pumpkins they would send me may be easier to craft.

They also sent me a hot knife, which I’;ll play with soon.

I decided to paint my pumpkins…;…;…;I had big plans. I wanted to do a crackle glaze…;…;…;I wanted to use the color scheme Silver, Light Turquoise and black…;…;I thought adding a pop of turquoise to my porch would look great with my red door.

I should have known from my past pumpkin interactions, it wouldn’;t turn out how I envisioned. My husband complimented me on them, so I wasn’;t sure if it was the kind of compliment just to make you feel better or if he really liked them…;.he said he really liked them. ? They were easy enough.

?How do you feel about carving pumpkins?

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