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Ceilings are often overlooked. Maybe that's because we are usually looking down, not up. Are we that pessimistic, people? WHY NOT LOOK UP? The glass is half full, friends! The sky is the limit…;.and in our homes, the ceiling is the limit. Why not make a big show of it? Why not bust out some serious ceiling bling?

Some people have caught onto the fact that there is a whole wall in most rooms that we could and should attend to. Heather from The Heathered Nest here with you “;Designers Trapped”; again.

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Todayaccent pillow case baby, and I'm going to share with you some stunning examples of bringing our ceilings back into our design plans. Check out these awesome, unique ceiling ideas.

Here's a shot of our dining room, where we installed a medallion to accent our chandelier. We chose to go with a medallion that was smaller in diameter than our light fixture.

2. Paint

Inexpensive, and not difficult to use, paint can really make a room pop. Check out the ceiling below. I think the highlight of this room is that bold ceiling paint!

Check out the bathroom below. What a gutsy move! A black ceiling. Now I realize this may not be everyone's style or taste, but I think it shows how a painted ceiling can really make the other colors in a room really stand out. Without this black ceiling, the gold hardware and white tile in this space wouldn't be quite so stunning.

3. Wood

There are lots of ways to incorporate wood, or the look of wood on a ceiling. Planked walls are all the rage right now, but planks on the ceiling are just as gorgeous.

Barnwood or barnboard also makes for a lovely ceiling treatment. I'm biased of course. Here's one of several barnboard ceilings we have in my home. And we've written a DIY tutorial in case you're interested in trying one out in your home.

Beams are another winning ceiling element, in my book. Beams can be expensive, but there's a genius, inexpensive hack that makes beams a cost-effective option for more people.

Faux beams.A couple months back, I discussed how to install faux wood beams here onDesigner Trapped in a Lawyer's Body. We love having them in our family room. They help make this high-ceiling space feel a bit more cozy.

Bottom line is that there are SOOO many ways to dress up the top of your space. So consider dressing up that fifth wall! Why waste them with a total blank canvas? Add some interest! Add some pizazz. Use some different textures and materials up there. But don't consider glass…;just sayin'.

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