accent pillow case baby WHERE IS MR. SKULLY- A CCB HAUNTED GIVEAWAY, Part 2! personalised birthday gifts

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Happy Halloween can be heard echoing through the air especially throughout the Canvas Corp Brands Headquarters.? Resident guest Mr. Skully has been spotted exploring the grounds. He has been collecting artifacts from all of the Canvas Corp Brands for his special Skeleton’s Halloween Ball.

Only the select few are invited to attend his annual ball which will be held this Halloween night at 8pm in a secret location. This year Mr. Skully has chosen a hidden area of the Canvas Corp Brands Headquarters.

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Each guest will receive an invitation delivered by an owl carrier which includes a map, set of trick questions and a skeleton key. Once each guest solves the trick questionsaccent pillow case baby, the map will open and project a hologram showing the Skeleton Balls location.? After reaching the location, each guest will use the skeleton key to open the door to the ball.

Rumor has it?he was spotted today by the 7 Gypsies supply truck located at the end of a secret passage at the CCB Warehouse.? If you can guess where he is in this picture, you will be granted a special invitation to the Skeleton Ball. Plus one lucky winner today will receive a bounty of treasure from Canvas Corp Brands.

Can you guess Mr. Skully’s final capture in this photo above?

Enter here for your chance to win?$75 worth of supplies from Canvas Corp Brands

Today is the last day to enter the contest.? All winners will be announced on Monday November 2.

(photos and artwork created by Kimberly N.)

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