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A four poster bed holds a grand and magical place in all our imaginations. They evoke scenes of fairytales, castles and period romances straight from the pages of Jane Austen. If you have decided to bring a little magic into you bedroom then what a marvellous decision you have made. The helpful guide below is intended to make sure you get all you wish for.

Your first consideration should be comfort. I know this spoils the romance of it all a little but when it comes to a bed you should never sacrifice comfort for style, you spend roughly one third of your life in bed and that’s a long time to be tossing and turning. Good quality mattresses are the key to good sleep. Don’t be shy to try them out in a shop to make certain that you find the most suitable one for you. Handily it is now possible to zip two different mattresses together, so you do not have to compromise with your partner, as long as you decide which side of the bed you want.

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If you are having furniture custom made, it is vital that you talk in length to the actual craftsman himself. Be sure to give him as much information as possible regarding your expectations and remain in close contact with him throughout the build.

Ask all the questions that concern you, use his expertise by asking his advice and thoughts- get what you want. Look for smaller companies who you can be sure will give you all of their attention; it is a good sign when the person who picks up the phone is the same one that is making your bed.

Ask about different styles of bed that are available. You should have a choice of postsaccent pillow case baby canvas home and living, panels (headboards and footboards), woods (hardwoods, such as oak, ash, etc. from local sustainable sources), colours and types of finish and of course mattress size. Look at pictures of the standard range, and other customers' beds and if there is nothing that suits you, ask whether something can be made that you do like. Some companies are quite happy to make to customer specification, and most beds break down into sensible sized components, for easy access into difficult to get at bedrooms.

Do not be mislead by cheap deals. When it comes to a bed, quality counts. A custom made four poster bed will last for several generations, so bare in mind that you will get what you pay for. Having said that, however, there is no reason why you should not expect good value for money. High street shops and high profile businesses can be unnecessarily expensive, due to their overheads, so just keep looking for good quality materials and craftsmanship.

Finally, when your bed arrives dress it up! It doesn’t matter if it is?Kylie bedding?that you have in mind, just have fun with it, celebrate it for what it is. A classic look is the ancient Grecian style. To achieve this look, drape nets from the corners of the bed frame so that they hang in a graceful U shape towards the middle. Cover the bed in creamy white satin pillows then add matching details around the room- a roman blind, faux fur rug and gold accents in the shape of statuettes and picture frames would all be perfect.

Unless your bedroom is fairly large, you must also remember to tone down the rest of the furniture and decoration. A four poster bed will dominate a room, this is fine if it is allowed to be the sole focus, but if it is fighting for attention with sideboards, wardrobes, paintings, ornaments and vanity chests the room will feel crowded and chaotic.

Make this fun geeky backpack, well, for the geeky fun of it.

As I stare at a pile of pillows I’m stuffing for the change of seasons, I felt compelled to take a break and write tonight. Yes, for me, that’s taking a break. I find sharing our home, recipes and experiences with you somewhat therapeutic. Today I learned that a group of neighbors gathered last year shortly after our offer on the house we live in now was accepted, to read my blog post. I remember Chris receiving a call from our realtor asking me to remove it, to which I refused. I was willing to move onto another house, but wasn’t willing to write anything but my honest thoughts. It was never my intention to hurt the owner’s feelings. In fact, I assumed given that they had 4 little ones themselves and they had only lived in the house for a few short years that they thought the same – it was a fixer upper. Those two words were brought to light tonight in yet another “it’s a small world” conversation. ?Word had traveled far beyond our neighborhood and managed to get to us a year later. I took a moment to reflect on it and wondered if I would have said or done anything differently. Maybe, maybe not. The absolute last thing I ever want to do is to upset or embarrass someone. But even more, I cannot tell or live a lie.

Over the weekend, an Instagram follower said “I just love how you are able to make your spaces so cozy and minimal simultaneously. It’s a talent.” I was overwhelmed with joy because that’s exactly how I want our home to feel. Calm, cozy, minimal, but warm. Success!