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2020-03-05 05:19:10 custom design gift for wedding

Today I thought I’;d share with you this simple but clever clothing refashion that we did for Halloween 2 years ago. ?My girls and I decided that we wanted to dress as Witches for Halloween, I had a great time making myself a very dramatic witches cape and my younger daughter loved picking out the fun fabric for her costume. ?My oldest daughter was a bit more difficult and opinionated (waaaa an opinionated teenager????)…;. She didn’;t want to go with a traditional witches costume and came up with the idea instead for this “;glam witch”;.

She had the idea to take some spider buttons and sew them on a store bought cardigan. ?It turned out so cute that I did the same thing for my youngest daughters cardigan!

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The best part was you can unpick the buttons after Halloween and still use your sweater! I think it’;s a fun yet fasionable touchaccent pillow case baby canvas home and living, I may even make myself one to wear this year! ?It would be fun alternative to a full Halloween costume…; still so festive!

?If you’;re interested you can read more about our 3 Witches costumes on this post. ? I’;m totally wearing that cape again this year!

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I have always loved how cute union suits are on little people so when I found this striped fabric, I knew that I had to give it a try. Thank goodness I did because this might have been my favorite project yet! It helps that my boys like them as much as I do! In fact, my middle son ?was so taken by his pair that he refused to take them off. As much as I hated hearing him tantrum, I can't say that my ego wasn't stroked a little. :)?

A while ago I red some article about the buckwheat pillows for chairs. Healthy effects for those who are sitting too much (office and so). As I harvest some buckwheat this year at my countryside. So my idea about Christmas gifts was born.