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The best thing about spending the night in a glamorous hotel? It’s got to be the luxurious night’s sleep you get in their perfectly presented beds. Their crisp linens, fluffy pillows and beautifully tucked sheets seem a world away from your own bedroom, but it’s a lot easier to replicate than you think.

Whether it’s to impress your guests or satisfy yourself, here’s how you can recreate the hotel look at home.

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You’re not going to have the full five-star hotel experience if your mattress isn’t up to scratch. Sometimes it’s worth investing those extra pennies into a new mattress to enhance how you sleep, especially if you suffer with back pain or muscle strains. A big squishy sink-in mattress might be okay for a couple of nightsaccent pillow case baby canvas home and living, but long-term comfort will always serve you better. An orthopaedic mattresses is great for aches as they provide full-body support that react to changing weight distribution with their network of individual springs. Memory foam mattresses are also great for spine and neck alignment while providing pressure relieving comfort.

The next step to luxury is through quality fresh bed linens. High thread count linens, such as the Dorma 300 and 500 thread count ranges, provide excellent handle (which means it feels nice to touch and drapes well without any stiffness) and they even come with a 10-year guarantee for long-term peace of mind. Crisp 100% cotton sheets not only have a sumptuously soft feel, but they will help to keep your temperature at a comfortable level while you sleep as cotton is more breathable than other textiles.

A lot of hotels use natural filling duvets stuffed with feather and down from from duck or geese, and they have that fluffy, plump feel that’;s great to snuggle up in. While feathers are soft, down is even softer, and Hungarian goose down is known for its extra-light and fluffy feel. And as well as having exceptional insulating properties to keep draughts out, it’s one of the most indulgent choices you can go for to really emulate that hotel style luxury.

When it comes to making your bed, the details matters. Place a flat sheet underneath (between your bottom sheet and the duvet) and fold them over each other at the top to create a ‘top layer’ band before tucking them both into your mattress at either side. This tuck is a signature hotel move as it secures the insulating layer and is more hygienic.

To arrange your pillows hotel-style, use oxford edged pillowcases on your bottom layer of pillows and housewife or a cuffed pillowcases on the top layer. This way the frill of the oxford will look pretty but won’;t tickle your face in the night. Pillow shams and continental pillowcases are also great for building up the layers on your bed, finished off with some cute cushion garnishes. Use them as added decoration and for propping your head up when you’re relaxing.

4) Finishing touches

Once all of your bedding is five-star worthy, the final touch is of course to accessorise. Not all hotels use cushions, throws and bedspreads but it’s always nice to bring some character to your bedroom –; it’;s still home after all. Square accent cushions and boudoir cushions are a beautiful way to layer on top of your pillows, while bedspreads and throws not only look great but are also perfectly placed to pull over the bed when things get a bit chilly.

Now you’re set with a perfectly presented bed, make sure it stays in top condition by reading about how to wash and care for your bedding.

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