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Creating a beautiful environment in your bedroom can improve not only your mood, but if you have a bed partner, put pizazz into your relationship. You can create your own secret paradise that begins the minute you walk into the room and close the door to the outside world. Of course, if it’s a tropical paradiseaccent pillow case baby canvas home and living, there’s no need to put sand on the floor to get the feel; some well-placed decorating items can give you everything you require.

Decide on what you or you and your loved one think of as a paradise. It doesn’t have to be an exotic island or city. It can be as simple as an elegant orderly room or one you fill with bright, happy colours to make you smile when you enter. Everyone will have a different version of paradise. Of course, a room filled with a huge flat screen, plenty of beer and pizza may be your loved ones idea of a great design, but it isn’t very conducive to romance or good feng shui.

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Keep the television in the family room or living room and use the bedroom for sleeping and romance. Do you want the look of an elegant outdoor setting but don’t want to have your room look like a child’s room? You can find star ceiling kits that use fibre optics for the effect, or a special luminescent paint that doesn’t show in the daylight but twinkles on the ceiling in the dark light the dancing lights of the stars.

You’re never too old to add a touch of whimsy and romance to your room. Use natural tones and colours with simple lines for decorating the room that will please you both when there’s light in the room. Give the room lots of privacy by choosing wooden blinds to compliment the curtains. Use a bed canopy with flowing material and plenty of natural light to create a romantic setting. Draping the material on the canopy can add more romance in your life and create the perfect touch to make even the most austere room more inviting, while making the bed the focal point of the room with luxury bedding or superking duvet covers.

Create plenty of storage area for your special room and keep clutter out of the room. Whether you want to decorate your room in the style of a tropical island or similar to the posh get away you both love, clutter detracts from it. If you have a small area, use unique storage areas, such as a bed that has drawers in the base or maximize your closet space with drawers, shelves and extra rods.

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Roman blinds are a great alternative to Vertical or metal blinds if you are taking more of a classical approach to your décor. Available in so many fabric finishes you are certain to find style that suits you and fits in perfectly with your existing furniture and soft furnishings.