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Decorating Dilemmasis a weekly column in which our stylists answer your design questions, so you can tackle your home decorating project with complete confidence.

Dear How to Decorate,

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How do I create a cozy second bedroom that can also be used to work or watch tv? I don’;t want the desk/work space to be a focal point at allaccent pillow case baby canvas home and living, but it needs to be functional!

Thanks for your help,


Dear Debra,

Thank you for your dilemma! We think we have some suggestions that can help you create a cozy guest room that will still be functional for watching TV and working. Trymaking the bed the focal point. You seem to have a Moroccan flair which we love, so our idea is to use our Camden Daybed covered in an outdoor fabric from Sunbrella (Canvas Rust) for durability. Add some pillows covered in Samara Spice and some covered in Queens Velvet yellow.

When you’;re not working, keep the desk cleared off as much as possible so it looks like a table. Roman shades in our Samara Spice fabric would help tie everything together.

Place our Ivory Geneve Rug on the floor with our Bornova Table in black in front of the daybed for a finished look.

We hope that these changes will help you achieve the look you want.

Happy Decorating,

The How to Decorate Team

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