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This dramatic pillow with its bold fleur-de-lis design is what is?traditionally called a "statement" pillow; it's the member of a pillow grouping with the strongest flair, the one that anchors the collection.?Although instances of the fleur-de-lis floral emblem have been found as far back as the third millennium BC, it is most strongly connected to French royalty as of about the 12th century and is said to signify perfection, lightaccent pillow case baby canvas home and living, and life. We use it on our pillow as a grand appliqué in a warm charcoal and milk white color combination.?

Our appliqué design is offered as a four-page download, so it does require some assembly. It is also precisely sized for our 16" x 16" sample.?

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We outline our appliquéing steps below, but if you are new to the process, we have a full How To Appliqué tutorial, which shows tools, options, and styles. There are a number of curves and points to the fleur-de-lis design, but by going slowly and carefully, you can maneuver the path for a beautiful finish.?

We originally created this as part of a trio of shabby chic pillows done in a French style. You may also like the whimsical word pillow with its fun accent poms.?Use it to display your mood: "Oui" –?"Yes! it's a great day." or "Non" – "No, perhaps you should sit this one out." Then, add the striking rectangular pillow that features a?lovely pleated front embellished with thin belted accents and a sweet bow.?

Our statement pillow finishes at approximately 16" x 16" and is designed with a loose fit to allow a "karate-choppable" softness. A? pillow form in 100% down or a down/poly blend will help give the finished pillow the best soft slouch.


Project Design: Alicia ThommasSample Creation and Instructional Outline: Leah Wand

photo: arctic plank

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