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How do you feel when you enter your living room? If you have nothing positive to say, or worse still - nothing to say at all then it might be time to do something about it. You don't have to spend hours flicking through interior design magazines to find something that will jazz up your lounge.

There are many things you can do - both small and large to make an existing design that little bit more special. One of the easiest ways to approach an update is by playing around with new colour schemes and embracing some interesting prints and patterns. Smaller decorative items and furnishings can make all the difference to a room that looks drab to a room that oozes style!

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We have seen a lot of neutrals lately in contemporary lounge ideas but they don't do much in the way of entertaining the eyes. A lounge can really be lifted and given instant appeal with a splash of colour. If your existing room hasn't even the slightest hint of colour then there is nothing preventing you from choosing the colour you are most drawn to.

They say that neutrals are easy to work with and that is so true when you decide to add in colour - reds, yellowsaccent pillow case baby canvas home and living, greens, blues, purples or orange can be added without fighting for attention amongst neutral décor. If you do have some existing colour then think about extending it into other parts of the room. It can be a lot easier and budget-friendly to add colours in smaller furnishings such as sofa cushions and throws.

If you don't like the idea of using more than one or two colours then you could add more interest by choosing fabrics that have an attractive pattern - stripes and checks are simple whereas flower prints can be more of a statement. You can add colour further in accessories around the room such as glass vases, lampshades, candle arrangements, wall art or floor rugs.

It is amazing how different fabric textures can jazz up a room without having to blow your budget. Even purchasing some cheap cushion covers for the sofa can make it look glamorous and give it some much needed character. Curtain pole finials - now they really do pay attention to the finer details of lounge decorating and giving your window treatment a polished look. Practical too as they stop curtains from slipping off the ends of the poles!

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