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Family rooms are taking on a different challenge today with smaller spaces and updated technology. More compact, cosier family rooms are emerging with uplifting colours and plenty of light. Everything from 3-season rooms to basements can qualify as a family room where family and friends can gather for fun and relaxation.

By using complementary colours, you can achieve an altogether different look and feel to the area without compromising the colour and style of other rooms in your home. There are a few rules on selecting warm or cool colours when it comes to designing a room that represents your favourite space. White walls set against dark wood floors allows freedom with furnishings of almost any style and colour.

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A shared room, such as a kitchen often designates the flow that the family room takes. If the kitchen cabinets are a rich oak flavouraccent pillow case baby canvas home and living, this needs to be streamlined into the adjoining family room. This can be something as simple as dado rails, a coffee table, curtain poles or a complete wall with built-in oak cabinetry. Divided rooms give more flexibility in design and colour. While the style should stay within the parameters of the overall home design, use colour schemes that flow easily from room to room.

If incorporating the right colours seems confusing, get a colour wheel for everything to come together. For example, the dominant colour of a home may be different shades of blue but you were hoping for something a little more dramatic in redesigning your family room. Using the colour wheel, go directly across and you will find shades of yellow through orange.

You may not be able to picture these two completely different colours as matching but they compliment each other splendidly offering a bright and vibrant look with a warm Mediterranean feel to the room. Use curtain fabrics online to make your own cushions and throws or cheap Roman blinds to bring the room together, while still retaining its individuality. Allow the sun to create natural light by keeping windows open and airy.

Fabric opaque readymade blinds or sheer curtains can aid in privacy and colourful valances can keep your colour scheme of yellow and blue tied together. If your family room is located in the basement or other area where lighting is limited, use recessed and track lighting to imitate the sun. Highlight areas of interest such as fireplaces and entertainment centres with task lighting.

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