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With winters almost here, temperatures will only dip further and it’s time to embrace the chilly weather ahead. So, spruce up your home and transform it into a winter retreat. Give your home dé;cor a colourful streak and make the indoors, warm and comforting by infusing some cosy elements. Following are some means, which you can try this winter season.

Seal the Door Gaps: Buy a door seal and take care of those gaps between the door and floor. It is a perfect addition, during winters when you don’t want that chilly air to penetrate through those tiny gaps. Other than thisaccent pillow case baby canvas home and living, it also prevents air leakage. So, your room will stay warm for a long time, even after you turn off the room heater. Stay warm and cosy with these door seals. You can fix it on every door where there is a gap between the door bottom and surface.

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Colourful Streak: During winters the days are shorter and the sun keeps playing hide and seeks too. So, an easy way of keeping your home bright and warm is by adding cushions, curtains and beddings in lively colours and patterns. You can warm-up the windows with colourful curtains and give your home a cheerful ambience this winter. And for a room, which gets sunshine, go for light curtains and for the other rooms get thick curtains.

Comfy Cushions: Along with bringing bright curtains in your living room, getting comfy cushions can be a lovely way of adding to the snug factor. Layer-up a few extra cushions for the winter style update. And go for playful patterns if you want the cushions to stand apart otherwise blend it easy with the room dé;cor. It will complete the look while giving a finishing touch.

Luxe Effect: When its winters, your bedroom definitely turns into your haven. It is essential you give it that luxe, cosy effect. So, prepare the bedroom for the season by layering with textured beddings sets, filler cushions and pillows. Along with bedding, adding a layer of the comforter is a must. Lightweight, comforters give that rich, luxurious feel to the bedroom while giving you refuge against the chilly weather.

Don’t Forget the Whites: Bring a hint of the winter season in your home dé;cor with some white style. Whether it is dé;cor pieces like a vase, photo frame or mug dig those whites out and put it on colourful wooden wall shelves. It will stand out and give a snowy touch. Infuse these elements and have your home winter ready, now. Staying at home and staying warm is the preference during this season and with these means, you can achieve both the ends. A beautiful home is inviting and you like to enjoy indoors.

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