accent pillow case baby canvas home and living Megan Morton on the pursuit (and the pleasures) of plum accent pillow case baby

2020-01-20 14:33:30 custom design gift for wedding

This time of the year my interior intentions always take a turn towards plum...

Because a sophisticated palette is never far from this tone and it intensifies a cooler palette just as much as it can an already warm one.

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There is a saying about ‘an orange just being an orange’. It’s in regards to the relativity of colour, its use and how we can sometimes see inappropriate applications of colour. I love colour in grand, beautiful, responsible ways. Sombreaccent pillow case baby canvas home and living, highly absorptive and naturally derived, plum adds a depth and a variance to your mid season interior.

Putting an element of plum in with an all white interior and use a bit of French grey while you are at it, is in my opinion, one of the sophisticated palettes a low fi, casual room can sport! So perfect! Such divinity! Try it, I can almost guarantee plum, soft grey and white a success.

Plum is traditionally a winter choice, but I like it just as much throughout the year. And speaking of winter, we know what happens when plum sits with plum; get ready for a distinct sense of almost instant decadence.

Play with plum as you would black or midnight and see what a perfect pairing it also makes for indoor greenery.

I have always loved how cute union suits are on little people so when I found this striped fabric, I knew that I had to give it a try. Thank goodness I did because this might have been my favorite project yet! It helps that my boys like them as much as I do! In fact, my middle son ?was so taken by his pair that he refused to take them off. As much as I hated hearing him tantrum, I can't say that my ego wasn't stroked a little. :)?

A while ago I red some article about the buckwheat pillows for chairs. Healthy effects for those who are sitting too much (office and so). As I harvest some buckwheat this year at my countryside. So my idea about Christmas gifts was born.