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Have you played with The Crafter’;s Workshop Products before, maybe you have in the past, maybe you have some old stencils stored away that need to come out and be played with our maybe it is time to stock up on a few new designs. ?Once upon a time stencils were used with a pencil or pen, remember that, you put the stencil down on paper and trace around each part of the design, lift it up and magic –; you were an artist. ?Well stencils have evolved so much over the years and they are such a wonderful tool to have in your studio and we say don’;t limit them simply to the art or the design, you can use them in so many different ways. ?

10 ideas for using a stencil:

baby pillows

1 –; trace them –; the good old fashioned way –; then you can color them in, watercolor them –; your choice –; instant art

2 –; mist through them –; you might want to hold them in place for the best results on a flat surface

3 –; stencil through them with a stencil brush –; you know another old fashioned technique with a flat brush and apply a bit at a time with a dry or pretty dry paint

4 –; apply gesso through the stencil –; this will leave part of the surface with gesso and part without –;?

5 –; apply textured medium through the stencil –; you can make it flat or leave it fluffy and thick?

6 –; layer more than one stencil at the same time or one after the other after the other?

7 –; make a pattern out of the pieces and cut papers or material to create a quilt or patch style look

8 –; use the stencil in your design –; you can paint or color the stencil with a wide range of paints and make it part of your layering process

9 –; use the stencil straight on or only choose parts of it to add to your design

10- apply to a separate surface and fussy cut the design out and add to your project.

…;.should we go onaccent pillow case baby canvas home and living, no I think that is plenty of ideas to help you get your stencils out of the drawer or to encourage you to take a gander at TCW on line shop and see some of their amazing new stencils and basic stencils. ?Did you know that all their stencils are designed by women, we think guys can do a good job too, but wow we love that this collection is put together by a dynamic leader, Jaime Etch and her team of wonderful designers including –; Rebecca Meier, Victoria Case, Rhonda Palazzari, Kasia Krzyminska, Karen Ellis, Julie Fei-Fan Balzer, Joanne Fink, Jenni Bowlin, Janene Meyerowitz, Jaime Echt, Gabrielle Pollacco, Dina Wakley and Camern Medlin –; check out the latest stencils today –; TCW –; Shop

Now take a look at this fun experiment Crew Member, Irma De Jager,?performed with amazing results, she says there was failure and we say, No Way, the results are wonderful, so if you think you have a failure, keep going as Irma did and you never know what you will get. ?If you are fed up, put it aside and come back to it, but don’;t throw anything away, promise. ?

“;I started by applying the Crafter’;s Workshop Light &; Fluffy Modeling Paste through the “;Daisy Chain”; 12 x 12″; Stencil onto my canvas. After drying I applied the first layer of Tattered Angels High Impact Paint from the Naturally Aged Paint System –; Concrete. Drying this layer by holding the heat gun very close to the paint so that it bubbles and creates a very unique effect.

Adding a layer of the gold gesso and wiping off excess.

Then things started to go wrong. The next layers of Glimmer Mist and Chalkboard Mist somehow did not get the result I wanted and I ended up covering the canvas again with gesso. As the underlying layers were water soluble, the background got greyish with some nice depth in it. ?So when in doubt cover with gesso and keep creating.

For the final layers I used Glimmer Mist Boardwalk and Turquoise Blue”;

To finish things off, I choose some 7gypsies and Canvas Corp papers to create different transfers with the TCW Gel Medium on canvasscraps and a canvas tag.

On top of the canvas I first layered a canvas Tag with a paper transfer topped by “;Light &; Fluffy”; modeling paste through the 6 X 6″; “;Mini Woven”; stencil. Then a manila tag from my stash, stenciled with the word “;FLY”; from the “;Mini Butteflight”; stencil.

A piece of cardstock, transformed into a textured background with a Carabelle cutting die and sprayed with Glimmer Mist “;Turquoise Blue”;Another piece of canvas scrap with a Canvas Corp paper transfer, cut with a Hero Arts Layering cutting die came as a flower on top.

Check out Irma’;s video

The Crafter’;s WorkshopLight &; Fluffy modeling pasteShimmering Golden GessoGel MediumStencil “;Daisy Chain”; 12 x 12″;Stencil “;Mini Woven”; 6 x 6″;Stencil “;Mini Butterflight”;

Canvas Corp BrandCanvas Shape TagCanvas NaturalPink &; Ivory Mini Dot Reversed paperTags &; Ties Skinny Ivory

7Gypsies12 x 12 Maritime “;Sirene”;

Tattered AngelsNaturally Aged Kit –; Concrete (Architecture Faux Finish Paint Kit)Glimmer Mist –; Turquoise BlueGlimmer Mist –; BoardwalkGlimmer Mist –; Cadillac Pink

OtherCarabelle Studios ArtCut –; textures #2Hero Arts Fancy Die –; Flower Swirl

For more of Irma de Jager work, visit her blog.?Or find her?or Instagram.

We hope you enjoy this match up as much as we have enjoyed playing with all the great products from Jaime and her team at The Crafter’;s Workshop. ?Spend the next few weeks with us exploring many unique techniques and inspiration when we combine products from The Crafters Workshop, Tattered Angels and Canvas Corp. ?We will be giving away an exciting prize at then end of this adventure that could be yours?and here is all you?need to do.

Over $50 worth of CCB and TCW goodies to one lucky winner.

What would a match up be without a fun prize!!!! ?Here is your chance to get?your?hands on a wonderful collection?of products from The Crafter’;s Workshop and Canvas Corp Brands. ?Here is all you need to do…;.

You can follow along by searching #tcwccbmatchup too. ?If you love what you see and would like to join our Facebook group the?CCB Collective?–; ask to join today.

You can find all The Crafter’;s Workshop products in their shop –;?The Crafter’;s Workshop Store; check out?their?blog?and?follow them on?Instagram?

We will be sharing projects the entire month of February –; learn new techniques, see how new products are used and be inspired with great ideas from the TCW and CCB designers.

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