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Contemporary design is moving more and more towards simplicity and easy decorating for the modern family. We want our homes to look beautiful - but with minimum effort as time and money is always of the essence! Simplicity is the key for easy entertaining in the dining room and we will be showing you how to achieve this in your own homes.

Everything is kept to a minimum with furnitures and accessories - the focus is on easy maintenance and keeping within your budgets. A Simple Colour Palette: Starting with colours, neutrals are not only easy to decorate with but they will allow you to change the look of your dining room from time to time. With neutral walls you can pick up on colours in curtains and ready made blinds - that can be changed at a low cost when you come into a new season.

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You can also add colours in with accessories and décor pieces such as a piece of artwork. A neutral colour for the walls could also be a light grey, taupeaccent pillow case baby canvas home and living, cream or tan for warmth. A large room can manage darker colours on the walls such as a chocolate brown or slate grey. Appetising colours are perfect for the dining room such as reds and oranges - bring them in with accents.

Furniture: Look for dining tables with built in drawers to store cutlery or napkins. Go with clean lines and light coloured woods or glass surfaces. The less furniture you can get away with the better, a table that is big enough to seat you and your family plus two extra seats for guests plus one storage unit. The less furniture will mean more floor space for moving around during busy mealtimes!

Choosing Fabrics: To make your life easier, don't worry over window treatments. Made to measure blinds will be your best option for the perfect fit and for simple lines. They are easy to dismantle and clean, plus they come in all the right colours - try a hint of red or orange to give the room the right mood. A table runner in the same colour will bring the room together.

Finishing Touches: The whole idea of easy entertaining is to keep things to the bare minimum - you don't want to go big with accessories. Potted green plants or a simple arrangement of fresh flowers on the dining table will be simple but elegant. Get interior design ideas from online blogs or magazines if you're unsure where to make the changes in your dining room.

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