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The enchanting lyrics of “;Double, double, toil and trouble; Fire burn and cauldron bubble.”; can be heard echoing in the distance. This can only mean one thing Mr. Skully is in town, preparing for Halloween day. Everyone who knows Mr. Skully knows he comes with lots of tricks and treats.? Those he tricks will never get any treats.? But if you catch him he must give you one of his treats.

This is no easy taskaccent pillow case baby canvas home and living, even for the most experienced Skully hunter. The key is to listen closely to his tricking questions and try to solve them, once you do, you may just find and catch him for his prized treats.

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Rumor has it he arrived in Arkansas today at the Canvas Corp Brands Headquarters by phantom carriage express. He has been making his way to select locations throughout the world.? His latest stop was Paris, France where he picked up his latest passion, art.

He is now a self taught artist and coffee aficionado.? After a recent discovery of some artifacts from 7 Gypsies, Mr. Skully wanted to head to CCB headquarters and start exploring, thinking this could be the perfect spot for his secret skeletons ball.? This event is held every Halloween Night at an undisclosed location, only the lucky can attend, unless of course you can stumble upon him.

Mr.Skully is offering a challenge to you. If you can answer his treats and guess his whereabouts, you will win something from his special treasure trove of treats.? The lucky winner each day will receive a surprise parcel filled with products from the Canvas Corp Brands and courtesy of Mr. Skully of course.

Can you guess Mr.Skully’s arrival point captured in this photo above?

Enter here for your chance to win $75 worth of supplies from Canvas Corp Brands

Stay tuned tomorrow to see where Mr.Skully will be next for another chance to win. All winners will be ?announced on Monday November 2.

(photos and artwork created by Kimberly N.)

Like the towel I borrowed from my friend, my new ones felt luxurious and provided so much coverage I could basically walk around with one on like a robe. But while I appreciated their ability to wrap me up like a burrito, after receiving my set I soon discovered that bath sheets have a few flaws. Namely, all that extra fabric means they take a lot longer to dry after each use and makes them a pain to wash. If I put two of them in my standard-capacity washing machine, I couldn’t fit anything else, and I’d often have to run them through two dryer cycles, because just one would leave them damp.

Valentine’s Day is here and you can already feel the romance everywhere. Though you want to go on a romantic Valentine date, you have just started dating him or her a few months back. This makes you clueless about how to celebrate Valentine’s Day when you are new in a relationship. Right? Well, if you think it is too early to go on a typical romantic Valentine date in an overpriced restaurant with the person you barely know much about, why not stay back and know your partner more? So, discover each other a little more and dedicate some beautiful time to your relationship that will strengthen the bond with your partner.